Impedance spectroscopy and hysteresis effects of halide perovskite solar cells and memristors


This talk has been part of the HOPV22 conference that took place in Valencia.

The dynamic response of metal halide perovskite devices shows a variety of physical responses that need to be understood and classified for enhancing the performance and stability and for identifying new physical behaviours that may lead to developing new applications. Beyond the well-established characteristics of regular impedance arcs, we address the appearance of inductor effect at high voltage in perovskite solar cell. The impedance spectra announce the type of hysteresis, either regular for capacitive response or inverted hysteresis for inductive response. We present a physical model in terms of delayed recombination current that explains the evolution of impedance spectra and the evolution of current-voltage curves. We apply the dynamic picture to the characterization of halide perovskite memristors. It has a resistance that depends on the history of the system, and the states can be switched by applied voltage. Memristors show an intense hysteresis that can be characterized in terms of the emergence of inductive components.

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